Frederick Club NANBPWC, Inc.

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Local/District Membership

 Who should become a member?

The NANBPWC, Inc. seeks business and professional women who are committed, driven and passionate about positively affecting the lives of women and their families in our communities as well as improving the lives and providing opportunities for women in business and the professions.

Why become a member?

 Our Programs Benefit the Community 

  • By bringing awareness to health issues affecting African American women and their families
  • By facilitating access to education
  • By increasing proficiency in employment skills
  • By sustaining African American businesses

Our Members Benefit Through Our Collective Service

  • By developing their professional and personal skills
  • By exercising their leadership skills
  • By gaining networking opportunities
  • By enjoying the experience of sisterhood

The work that the NANBPWC, Inc. does annually through its programs, both serve the community and affords its members the unique opportunities to exercise existing professional skills and develop new skills by working hand-in-hand with other dynamic business and professional women from various backgrounds.


 How to become a member:

 Please send an email with your contact information to this address or contact a local club in your area.

Alternative Levels of Membership:  

Associate member

Open to business and professional women who wish to support The National Association o

Negro Business and Professional Women?s Clubs, Inc., on a national or district level.

Beta Psi member

Students who are attending an accredited college, University, business or technical institution

International member

Available to business and professional women who reside outside of the United States of America


Open to business and professional women who reside in an area where there is no organized club

Youth and Mr. B&P

Girls and boys from the ages of 12 to 18 explore ways of giving service to their communities while

meeting the challenges set before them.


A men?s auxiliary comprised of the husbands, male relatives or friends of the business and

professional club members.

Become part of our legacy!

Join the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women?s clubs, Inc.



National Membership

Membership Categories

ADULT : Active or retired business and professional women

YOUNG ADULT: Young women 18-35 who are in or preparing for a business or professional career

MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Members who reside in a city where no organized club exists

BETA PSI: Students who are attending an accredited college, university or technical institution

YOUTH and Mr. B&P Clubs: Girls and boys (age 12 -18)

INTERNATIONAL:  Available to business and professional women who reside outside the United States

ASSOCIATE: Open to professional women who wish to support NANBPWC, Inc. on a national level

OMBUDSMEN: A men's auxiliary comprised of the husbands, male relatives or friends of adult club members. 

 Our District

Mid Atlantic District: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Delores Alexander-Governor or 
Roslyn Cooly Prayer-Vice Governor